Our mission is to create for each child a more independent, effective and improved quality of life. We are dedicated to helping children discover their unique potential – socially and interpersonally. We have been and are guided by the principle that “the child’s needs and best interests come first.” We are dedicated to “Helping Children Thrive.”


A is for Apple began in 2000 we saw there was a serious need for helping children diagnosed with autism, speech-language delays, and occupational therapy needs in the Bay Area. These children not only needed treatment with a detailed approach, but personalized to each and every unique child.

Since then, A is For Apple has become a leading ABA Therapy, Speech and Occupational Therapy provider for Silicon Valley and the South Bay Area, from Salinas to Fremont. Our San Jose campus was designed specifically to accomplish individual and group therapy sessions using the latest methods.


We work with children from toddlers through young teens.

Our interventions are based on Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA): The design, implementation and evaluation of environmental modifications to produce social significant improvements in children’s behavior. We focus on reducing problematic behaviors, and evaluating their progress in adaptive skills. See our ABA page for more on these evidence-based practices.

Our ABA Department staff is supervised by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA).

Each of our Speech-Language Pathologists holds a Master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology or Communication Disorders, and is California licensed. A is For Apple is affiliated with the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA).

All of our Occupational Therapists are California licensed and affiliated with the Occupational Therapy Association of California (OTAC).

We have invested in the latest technology to keep parents informed of their child’s progress.

ABA focuses on data collection and making direct, objective observations of a child’s behavior. Every therapist uses an online software platform which tracks the observational data they input. The data goes into a “parent portal” with reports and graphs you can access in real time.

Our People

A is For Apple has grown to over 350 employees since its founding. All of our therapy disciplines collaborate to provide your child the most inclusive care.

We have a work/play culture in our office. We support our employees in helping them thrive and create a fun atmosphere every day. Employees receive ongoing hands-on training and continuing education. We make a point to have get-togethers on a bi-monthly basis, just to play!