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I have been working A is For Apple, Inc. for the past four years. The first two years, I worked as a Behavioral Technician. I enjoyed working one on one with the kids, helping them thrive and working as a team to meet their goals. The families are gracious and very welcoming of our services. For the past two years, I have been working as a Behavior Program Supervisor. I love every aspect of my job. I look forward to designing programs for the kids and collaborating with the entire team to encourage a child to gain new skills. A is For Apple also emphasizes the importance of parent participation and educating the families on ways they can help their child too.

Lastly, the work environment is awesome and fun. Every employee in each department is always willing to work together and help each other when needed. A is For Apple, Inc. always uses the latest and innovative technology and programs. This is helpful so that parents, behavioral technicians and supervisors have the necessary information and can work closely to help the child as much as possible.
I am honored to be a part of A is For Apple, Inc.

Raquel C.

Joining A is for Apple is like joining family!

Great people at all levels of the company. Joining A is for Apple is like joining family! Everyone is so supportive of each other and has a great time together. Our CEO is the best you could ever ask for. She is very supportive and is always open to new ideas. I have been part of this company for over five years new and have witnessed the great growth and experienced the outstanding work environment A is for Apple has provided for their employees.

This is really an elite company. This company provides is what we call a full services house. We provide speech therapy, occupational therapy, ABA therapy and Early Intervention therapy services. The therapists here in all the different departments collaborate and hold monthly training where all the different disciplines collaborate and work together which enable us to provide the excellent care and services to all of our clients.

A is for Apple is such a sought out company that parents from everywhere are scrambling to try to get their kids services here. The only draw back is when you are such a sought out company parents have to be patient and wait their turn for an opening to come up so that their child can begin to receive services here.

Ryan E.

I truly love my job and so happy I found this place!

I would have to say It has been and continues to be a great experience working for A is For Apple. Since starting here, my career growth and knowledge has excelled tremendously. The company culture is great, we laugh, have fun and I feel like part of the owners extended family. Everyone is smiling and enjoying what they do.

For myself, I love what I do and the impact on the little lives we work with is incredibly rewarding. What helps more is being in this rewarding career and working for a company you love. The salary is very competitive or maybe in the top tier of this field. The benefits are great and the 401k plan is amazing. I truly love my job and so happy I found this place!

A is For Apple Employee

The company culture and structure is like a family.

I’m so excited to be a part of your company. Everyone I have met so far is just so warm and welcoming. The company culture and structure is like a family. People are willing and eager to help each other out. My trainer was such a good teacher and exceptional role model for how we should present ourselves as behavior technicians. She has been nothing but supportive and insists that we ask her or go to her if we have any problems. It was great learning with her.

I just wanted to let you know that I had a really fun time while observing the other technicians I met yesterday. Again, the technicians and supervisors I met were so enthusiastic about their job and were eager to help me understand concepts and methods regarding the catalyst program. I enjoyed my observations very much. I look forward to meeting and talking with you in the near future!

J. P.

A is For Apple Strives to Make Families’ Lives Better

A is for Apple has been my “work home” since September of 2015. I have felt nothing but support and acceptance since my first interview for a position.

The service the company provides to our kids and their families is focused on improving the quality of life of each individual family unit. A is For Apple does this by ensuring that everyone involved on our teams is appropriately trained and given all necessary support to deliver the best service possible, 100% of the time. The company provides excellent training to all levels of support for the team.

Further, the family atmosphere allows us access to expertly collaborate our efforts between all departments (i.e. Speech and Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, BCBAs, Senior Supervisors and Behavioral Supervisors). Customizing every kid’s program to best meet his/her needs.

A is For Apple strives to make families’ lives better, by improving the quality of their lives through our services.

Ayana B